Re: fl-2500 Yaesu

Craig Rowling

Donald. Yes the fl-2500 uses five 6kd6 tubes.  Fortunately I had a couple of nos 6lf6’s left over from the 1970’s cb Palomar amp days to replace the broken one. I had to change the plate cap to a larger one to fit the 6lf6 lol. Palomar used 6kd6 tubes as drivers and 6lf6 as finals. The 6lf6 tubes are a bit more rugged and were used in 25” TV sets.  As the 6kd6 were used in the 20” and smaller crt’s. I found the 6kd6’s nos running from $39.99-$59.99. Thanks to all who responded. For $200 I think I got a decent purchase. Craig ky4pi

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